The Ministry of Work brings the church to the fellowship with other churches thereby strengthening the bond between and among the brethren in the faith. The Baptist Men, WMU and Youth sectors initiate and host fellowship activities, stirring the hearts of churches to love the scripture more.

Family Retreat

Every summer, SJBCI holds a Family Retreat when everyone has the opportunity to be spiritually nourished through group classes, messages, activities, and fellowship. The retreat also offers a weekend when families can be with each other, sharing an experience together in learning more about God’s role in the family nucleus.

Countless families, marriages, and individuals have been tremendously blessed and have immensely benefited by hearing God’s Word about family. It’s a great time for rejuvinating the spirit, the closeness within families, as well as relationships within the church body.

Each year, the retreat committee continues to find retreat facilities that will best suit the needs of all the programs- from classrooms, stay accommodations, large meeting rooms, to recreational areas. We want to maximize the weekend retreat to feed the soul as well as to provide a place for rest, fun, fellowship, worship, and most of all- a place for meditation to think upon God’s relevant message for our lives.

Our church is yearly blessed with such God-centered speakers who deliver impacting messages that inspire a love like Christ’s within our families, marriages, church, and community. Their sermons haven’t always been easy to swallow, pleasant to hear, but they’ve directly hit where God wants dramatic change. To God be the glory!

Church Picnics

Every year, the work ministry coordinates church picnics either in Washington Lake Park or Bethel Mill Park during specific major holidays as a way to bring the families closer together through food and fun.

Typically, our church holds picnics during Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day. We encourage all of our members and their families to join the days’ events and activities, and of course, partake of the indescribable delicious food that our members prepare!

Come for the food, or fellowship, for fun, or rest. But everyone’s welcome to bring family and friends.

Web Ministry

Our Website,, is maintained by a very small team desiring to reach out to the church community as well as the interweb community, to bring information and bridge the communication between the parts of the body of SJBCI.

We greatly encourage our leaders to facilitate communication by contributing to various areas of our webspace through:

  • Newsletter Articles: updates/recaps/testimonies of past events.
  • Devotions: testimonies, studies, etc. to encourage and enrich our readers, members.
  • News & Announcements: for future events and news from all the various ministries to better inform our guests, members, friends and family in a quick an efficient way.
  • Photo Gallery: submission of SJBCI related pictures for our archives.

If you want to contribute to any of these categories, PLEASE contact Sis. Marchesa Ababa.

Any questions, comments, concerns, you can submit to our web team: <Bro. Perze Ababa or Sis. Marchesa Ababa.